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The Harvey Wallbangers IX

by Jenna Kunselman

Last weekend, The Harvey Wallbangers returned to Carnegie Stage with their

9th show, comprised of some of their most ludicrous, side-splitting original sketches yet.

They introduce hilarious characters and ridiculous scenarios as each sketch is executed

with excitement, articulated with playful wit, and enhanced with straight up buffoonery.

The rambunctious performance is accompanied by a fantastic band by the name of Bealtaine, spicing up the show with unfamiliar instruments and playing tunes that create a high-energy Irish pub ambiance. Each musical piece acts as a segue that keeps the show flowing seamlessly as the comedians quickly change costumes between sketches.

The Harvey Wallbangers have this undeniably infectious, absurd, and spontaneous energy that bounces off one another and out into the audience.

The multitalented comedy troupe even shows off their moves in an exhilarating and fun dance number that makes for a truly grand finale.

Our audiences roared with laughter through each show and we cannot wait until the Wallbangers return with more of the wildlyinappropriate humor we have all come to love.

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