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A Silent Week

Hello Carnegie Stage Theater Goers!

I am thrilled by the run of “A view from a Bridge” taking place at Carnegie Stage right now. (See the other blog post about that). I want to talk about the silent week that happened before “A View From A Bridge” began its run. It may have seemed that the theater was an empty building, but that is not how theater works and I wanted to give you some behind the scenes as to what was happening that week.

RENTALS: Our stage was being filled by the youngest and brightest actors of Pittsburgh for a week long theater camp that ended in a showcase of their talents. It is wonderful that our space can be used by young artists wanting to learn about theater. Looking back, I wish such opportunities were available when I was a kid. I remember my theater camps taking place in the basement of a library and although fun, would not have compared to being able to go backstage, have an audience, and stage lights while performing for the first time.

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES: Jenna, our phenomenal operations manager, was a leading force in the Carnegie Arts Walk that week. Arts organizations all around Carnegie participated and it was a fun event. I walked down the main street of Carnegie and was greeted with the most amazing smells! Dagneys (SP?) set up a grill outside of their shop. The menu listed, burgers, sausages, with peppers and onions. Walking down the main street of Carnegie with those savory smells, seeing circus artists juggle, while listening to local music was an amazing experience. On the opposite end of town there was a “Pup-Up” Art Gallery made specifically for dogs. While at Carnegie Stage, outside of our venue, we had airbrush tattoo artists, face painters, and balloon artists. The event was for all ages and so were the activities. It was wonderful to see whole families get their face painted. Some kids were scared of the airbrush, but then when grandma would sit down and get a unicorn tattoo with glitter, they instantly felt at ease and got their own unicorn. I, myself, got a few flower ‘tattoos’ and an octopus balloon sculpture.

OFF THE WALL: Our resident company OFF THE WALL is not taking a break either, after a successful and powerful run of ‘Not My Revolution,’ they creative staff is gearing up for their next show ‘What Kind of Woman’ which will premiere at Carnegie Stage on September 23rd, before going to The Cell in New York to continue its run.

Thank you for your patronage and know that when there is not a show running, our staff is working behind the scenes to create amazing entertainment for you in the future.

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