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Movement Theater Returns to Carnegie Stage

This week, our production team gathered for the first designer run of Mark Conway Thompson’s new production, Limits of Things, or The Mess. Thompson’s return to Carnegie Stage is nothing short of fascinating, intriguing, and compelling. His mesmerizing performance proves that movement theater lives far beyond words by inspiring us to speculate the context of his mystifying storytelling.

During a short interview with Thompson, he reveals a glimpse of his delightfully vulnerable nature of storytelling as he explains that his love for movement theater stems from the excitement of inviting multiple interpretations to his work. He believes that communication by means of physicality is uniquely effective, and he aims to reinforce empathy, by means, for example, of the expression of vulnerability. Thompson aspires to challenge people to change their behavior for the better through his profound, carefully constructed narrative.

Mark Conway Thompson is bringing his exceptionally unique work

to Carnegie Stage this spring!

Join us:

March 24-26 & March 31-April 2 @ 8PM

March 27th & April 3rd @ 3PM

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