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Off the WALL Charitable Trust


The Trust was established in 2014 by Virginia C. and Hans H. Gruenert to preserve and expand the theater arts community in South Western Pennsylvania and make Carnegie Stage, owned and operated by the Trust, an incubator for local artists, theater and dance companies to develop new works.


Local artists, theater and dance companies are invited to apply to the Off The Wall Charitable Trust for funding for a program that helps to deepen the relationship between the theater and its community. These programs could include theater and dance performances, outreach programs, playwriting workshops and readings. If support is being sought for an ongoing program at the theater, a successful proposal will describe how that ongoing program will be enhanced with the grant. Applications can be submitted year round.



The Grant Program provides support to small theater, dance, and multidisciplinary arts organizations and individual artists to create optimal conditions for art to be made. The organization or artist must show a clear financial and artistic commitment towards the project.  A minimum of three (3) performances at Carnegie Stage are required. The Trust makes grants to organizations that are exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code but may upon occasion act as tax-exempt fiscal sponsor to individual artists or small organizations in the early stages of development.  

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