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Pin Up Perfection - An evening of Burlesque

While this year has taken quite a toll on just about everyone, we as an arts community are learning new ways to roll with the punches. We have seen our most innovative community members present us with new ways to consume art, digging into their creativity to find new avenues of accessibility to fill our void as we dream of the days of watching a live performance with a full audience.

After a long hiatus, some modifications to limit our seating, and the addition of a Pay Per View option, Carnegie Stage returned in true fashion with a fantastic burlesque show, produced by our friends from Pin Up Perfection!

Even from the comfort of my couch, the show was so enticing, flirty, and fun, as each performer effortlessly owned their moment on stage. The costuming was beautiful, with tassels in all the right places and bad ass outfits that perpetuate strong energy through each song and performance. Although our audience in the theater that night was limited to 15 people, I could hear the ‘hoots’ and ‘hollers’ as I watched from home, and I felt the excitement in the room as each performer took the stage. While I was envious of the audience members, I felt so lucky to be able to watch the show on the big screen! (TV, that is.)

We were so excited to be able to return with our first show since March, and it feels like a true success after so much time spent delaying our performances. While we work on adapting to the new ‘normal’ here at Carnegie Stage, we appreciate those of you who are patient enough to safely indulge in what we have to offer. Check out our social media pages to stay updated on future events!

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