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Queer Jewish - Dancing in Diaspora

by Jenna Kunselman

Queer, Jewish - Dancing in Diaspora, a modern dance piece performed at Carnegie Stage August 8-11 and 15-17, opens a window of curiosity regarding the various ways to experience the Jewish identity. The 6 performers, accompanied by text as well as a unique sound score, explore elements of self-identity and how those elements intersect and influence one another.

Moriah Ella Mason, director and choreographer, focuses on self-exploration and recreating Jewish rituals through movement and emotion. She delves into diasporism by reflecting the importance of the relationship with the people and environment in which you are rooted, as well as how and why those things change throughout life. The 80-minute work explores the relationship between being Jewish and being queer by encouraging the audience to resonate with intimate feelings of isolation while playfully referencing Jewish culture and folklore.

The show manifests a refreshing, informative perspective by incorporating autobiography along with feminist reconsiderations of the Torah, tradition, and rituals that are customary among the Jewish community. Queer, Jewish - Dancing in Diaspora takes the audience through a whirlwind of emotions and provides the perfect blend of captivating, educational, intriguing, and enlightening entertainment.

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