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A Life Behind Bars

Dan Ruth's fast-paced dark comedy, A Life Behind Bars opened at the Carnegie Stage on Oct 24th, running for two more nights this week.

The 90-minute autobiographical show is crafted with sharp monologues, recognizable NYC characters and spot on celebrity impersonations all performed- with no intermission, mind you- by the very talented Ruth.

"It is quickly clear you are in the hands of a compelling storyteller, who will take you into unpredictable territory, such as the dreaded NYC health and safety inspectors," writes Gulliver of Breaking Burgh.

"Ruth proves a master of the physical gesture and transitions, which are enhanced with just the right level of effects." See what else Gulliver has to say in his full review here.

If you are looking for a fun night of debauchery without the dreaded hangover, see A Life Behind Bars.

A Life Behind Bars contains mature themes and language.

Tickets can be purchased at

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