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Jan 24 & 25 at 8:00 pm

Join Marianne Bayard and Jonathan Kaplan,
creators of Killing it! (Amazon Prime)
for the first 
(but not last!)
Mares 'n Kaps Comedy Show!

Special guests include Celine Dion and Rene Angelil, Mike Vargo and John Miller with Gun Talk,
original music by Gary Musisko, Grading Animals LIVE with Jkaps, clips from Killing it! 
and so much more!

Gun Talk: Mike Vargo (Newsweek and Entertainment Central Pittsburgh) and John Miller (filmmaker/ Wall Street Journal Brussels) banjo rap battle the troubling state of gun violence in the US. 


Gary Musisko: Pittsburgh native and Americana/folk musician shares tunes from his newest soon to be released album. 


Killing it!: Marianne Bayard and Jonathan Kaplan's 9 episode webseries, now available on Amazon Prime. In this series Mares and her bestie Kaps contemplate motherhood, why Mares' isn't famous yet, death, day jobs and facial disorders.


Grading Animals LIVE: Jonathan Kaplan's popular Instragram series, Grading Animals performed live with the help of audience members. Learn more @gradinganimals. 

about us

Jonathan Kaplan is a stand-up comic and visual artist from NY, with a weekly podcast and
live show featuring his comedy group,
The Low End Gigolos.


From the ‘burbs of Boston, MA originally,
Marianne Bayard is an actor and producer living in Pittsburgh, PA. You may have seen her in Mindhunter or the movie Joy, opposite JLaw.


Kaplan and Bayard first met in the NYC clown scene in 2009. They joined forces in 2015 to become the superpower they are today.


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