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a great FU2 convention

written and performed by
            Pascale Roger-McKeever

directed by
            Austin Pendleton

"An inspired and cutting edge show." -  BJ Wasserman. Executive Director Inside Circle Foundation


"Utterly compelling." Cristina Garcia, American journalist, novelist and playwright, Dreaming in Cuban, The Lady Matador’s Hotel, Here in Berlin


Battle scarred and still willing, artist and mother Pascale Roger-McKeever still refuses to compromise. She returns to her stage roots with an upcoming London and Dublin Premiere of The Ins and Outs of Fingers, Spoons and Open Marriage - Winner of the 2018 Marsh Madness Competition.


A suburban Mom accepts her husband’s invitation to an open marriage and proceeds with a singleness of purpose no one saw coming. The Ins and Outs acknowledges and embraces the acute discomfort of living out our inescapable sexuality. A funny and shameless exploration of shame itself that for good measure upends accepted notions about healing and self-realization along the way.


Pascale’s writing is inspired by the following quote, “…the whole sky has fallen on [me] and all [I] can do about it is shout.” (Antigone, Jean Anouilh)

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Feb 24, 25, 26, 2022
@ 8:00 pm
Feb. 27, 2022
@ 7:00 pm

The Ins and Outs of
Fingers, Spoons, and an
Open Marriage

Alba Flamenca Promo (2).jpg

Alba Flamenca has been bringing the rhythms of flamenco to Western PA since 2010. Join us for an evening of music, dance, and community while enjoying some wine and good conversation in the heart of Carnegie. Alba Flamenca features Jon Bañuelos, James Bond, Barbara York, Flor Isava-Machi, Maria Nuñez, Guillermo Rodriguez and Carolina Loyola-Garcia.


Four vignettes &
two one-act plays for movement theatre

Created and
Performed by

Mark Conway Thompson

This movement theatre performance, the theme of which is limitations, wants to challenge the notions that anything is possible, that all progress is good.  That limitations challenge us to a fight we must win at all costs. These compositions reflect on the question of when boundaries should be accepted, and when not … on themes of age, accumulation, conundrums and existence.  

A portrait of an ordinary man in his daily grind.  A song about someone living in memories. The meditation of an old guy dreaming about going beyond where he has been.  A sculpture come to life to tell a story of captivity. And a parable for our times.

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MARCH 24-26, & MARCH 31-APRIL 2
@ 8:00 pm
@ 3:00 pm

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written and performed by 

Elizabeth Elias Huffman is the Artistic Director of Chain Reaction Theatre.

She is an acclaimed international actor, award winning director and playwright, highly regarded for her visionary and racially diverse productions.

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Directed by
Louanne Moldovan

Elizabeth Huffman

JUN 17-18, JUN 23-25, JUN 30-JUL 2

@ 8:00 pm

JUN 19 & JUN 26 @ 3:00 pm


Inspired by Josef Bush’s 1967 play French Gray, this powerful solo show, written and performed by Elizabeth Huffman, is a dreamlike play told through film, movement and live theatre. The story follows two women whose lives have been forever altered by a tumultuous civil war. Not My Revolution travels back & forth in time between Marie Antoinette’s imprisonment during the French Revolution in 1793 and a ghetto in Istanbul in 2011 where a once-wealthy Syrian art dealer is struggling to survive catastrophic losses due to the civil war in her country.

The 90-minute play examines the very real consequences of forced displacement, and the judgments passed on two women whose destiny has been determined by appearances and society’s expectations of them.

“Ms. Huffman communicates the terror of a victim caught up in events beyond her control with complete conviction and verisimilitude.” –ABQ Journal


“Not My Revolution is an ambitious, brilliantly acted one-woman tour de force.” –Broadway World

“A must see gripping performance.” –Iris Hetcsher-Weiser Kurier, Bremen

“Captivating and moving – makes tangible the cruelty of civil war.” –Elisabeth Nofer-Taz-Bremen