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The Carols - A Musical Comedy

I was immediately attracted to The Carols, written by Jennifer Childs and composed by Monica Stephenson. A modern-day Christmas Carol of sorts with a spin, chock full of music that will delight. This musical truly has something for everyone.

At the heart of the story we honor family bonds, love, loss, and perhaps most importantly, our military. The men and women who so courageously have given of their time and talents and often their lives throughout history are honored here.

The story takes place in a New Jersey VFW in 1944. War is raging on foreign battlefields and the women are left behind. While the community waits for loved ones to return, the annual performance of A Christmas Carol must go on, despite the lack of men to fill important roles.

Enter our trio of sisters - Moira Quigley as Lilly, Mandie Russack as Rose, and Kate Toole as Sylvia. Next meet their Scrooge-like landlady and friend Miss Betty, played by Jill Keating, the VFW's sweet, but silent, pianist played by Nick Stamatakis, and finally, a surprise comedian "of the Jewish persuasion" played by Leon Zionts. Hope lost and found is the moral of our tale, but it'll take some doing to get to the 'found'.

I am truly in awe of the talent I surround myself with this holiday season and learn something new every day watching these actors and creatives work. The Carols teaches me of the beauty of possibility and the joy to be mined in the midst of heartache and confusion. It is a story that transcends the period in which it takes place. It will sweep you off your feet. We hope to see you there! And we know you will be asking "please sir, may I have some more?" as the curtain drops.

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