May 14 & 15 at 8:00 pm



Written and Performed by Jeffrey Passero
Directed by Elizabeth Hayden

Original L.A. Direction by Jill Andre

" A fascination insight into the world of casting, whilst draping the narrative with wit and heartbreak."  Bennett Johnson

“Wasn’t Orson Bean somebody?…Jerry Mathers… the Beaver! This is what we call a dust off. Someone who once was but is no more” muses Jeffery Passero as he is tossing headshots into baskets in his very enjoyable self-written autobiographical solo play Casting Aspersions. Mr. Passero was a prominent casting director and the show’s conceit is that he’s looking back at his career on his last day in the profession as he cleans up his cluttered office. Corbin Bernsen, Traci Lords, Robby Benson and Brenda Vaccaro’s images are also dispensed with.

Passero’s expressive tenor voice, twinkling eyes, seasoned character actor presence which recalls that of Michael Tucker and jovial personality enables him to entertainingly chronicle his interesting life in 75 breezy minutes. The memory of his parents bringing home the original cast recording of Cabaret incites a smashing rendition of “Willkommen.” It’s one of several delightful musical interludes with selections from Applause, equally as accomplished.   Darryl Reilly - Theater Scene.Net